Free Video Software


Free Video Software

Will Help You Know Exactly What You Need On Any Video. In Just Seconds….

How Will Hydravid Xray Help You?

  • Instantly Analyse By Keyword
  • Find Details on Ranking Videos Including Tags, Title, Description and Categories
  • See Shares, Likes and Social Impact

Hydravid Free XRay Software

Looking to dominate with your video marketing?

How do you know what works and what doesn’t?

You could, of course upload tons of videos, each with different titles, descriptions, categories and combinations of tags.
You would have to upload a unique video for each different keyword you wanted to monitor and look to drive traffic for.

And after hours and hours of video creation and uploading, still be left with questions like “why can’t I get my videos to get any views?”

And still not be any better off with the answer.

We feel you… in fact, it is exactly THAT frustration that has caused us to create our Free Video Software called Hydravid XRAY.

Hydravid XRAY:
Is video insight software that will instantly analyse exisiting and ranking videos for you based on any keyword.

Looking to bring some traffic to your webpage?
Simply put the main keyword of that page into XRAY and receive the insights as to what is already working in the marketplace.

You will be shown the currently ranking videos for that specific keyword.


  • Title (See how many times your keyword is mentioned)
  • Description (Structure the description to deliver MORE than the current top ranks)
  • Tags (Which combination of tags has resulted in these videos being given the priority
  • Likes and shares (How engaged are the viewers, and what will you have to do, to outrank and out manoeuvre)

Using the information that Hydravid XRAY can deliver to you, you will be able to see what is CURRENTLY working in the video marketing space for the keywords you are chasing after.

Have you heard the saying “Success Leaves Clues”?

Well, With this free software, you will be able to follow the successful clues of the videos in the marketplace and ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of results.

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