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Zero Blog Traffic = Zero Sales

So what’s the elusive magic formula?  I mean let’s face it, your site has good content, it’s certainly share-worthy, so why no shares? 

Well the truth is...   No matter how info-packed, interesting, or valuable your content, if you’re not bribing your visitors to actually share it, like it or tweet about it (or you’re not automating that entire process)… then you’re just plain doing it wrong!

With the right tools, driving an avalanche of highly
targeted, social traffic
to your site is almost too easy!

Check Out How Simple It Is To Put Into Action Right Now On Your Blog:

Step 1: Install and activate the Social Power Plugin on your WordPress blog
Step 2: Customize the settings to suit your needs
Step 3: Start seeing more ‘Likes’, more ‘Tweets’ and more ‘+1’s’ from your traffic instantly
Step 3: Enjoy the MASSIVE viral traffic jam you’ve just created

A Sneaky Secret The ‘Social – Elite’ Bloggers Don’t Want You To Know…

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yoursTo get your visitors give you something you want (a share, a like or a tweet that sends a flood of viral social traffic), you first need to give them something they want.  It’s that simple! 

But you’re probably thinking:  “What can I give them that would encourage them to start spreading the word to thousands of people about my site?

Well the truth is, you can give them whatever you like. It could be access to a simple blog post, an offer you hold back from the non-sharing public, a coupon code, an ebook or report – maybe a video or audio recording just for friends…

Offer them something (anything) and in just a few simple steps you’ll be getting masses of traffic to your site, courtesy of those three big social sharing sites!

This simple trade off gets your site in front of everyone!

Do You Have A Demo?
Just don’t actually Like/Tweet or Google+ anything the posts are just set up to
show you the Social Power Plugin in action (there’s no actual content to unlock)


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