“The Sales Funnel System”

“I’m Going To Show You Step-By-Step How To Set Up Your Very First 24/7 Automatic Order Taking Internet Business!”



From the Desk of:

Stuart Stirling


Dear Friend,


I’m sure you have purchased a digital product with some sort of resell rights attached to it.

The biggest problem in this case is you end up doing it again and again, and they end up on your computer, collecting dust, instead of being on your website collecting sales.


At least it should be making you sales. But as the story goes…


You don’t know how to set up the sales pages and download pages that you are given to resell?

No problem… read on.


You see… Automation is the key to making money while you sleep.


You’ve heard many times how people are going to websites, buying products, and instantly downloading the products immediately after payment.


Well, as a resell rights product owner, wouldn’t you want to make money 24/7 without having to send the files to every customer that buys through you? By doing this, you make your customers happy and you free up more time.


Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Don’t know how to edit a webpage…?

  • Don’t know how to setup your download pages…?

  • Don’t know how to connect your sales page to your payment processor?

  • Don’t know how to upload your files to your website?


If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you’ll get those answers in this video series.


“The Sales Funnel System”
Video Series


The Sales Funnel System

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